Our Mission

NZ Job Search is a Kiwi job search program with a big heart for people.
We specialise in empowering skilled professionals by teaching them how to get themselves ‘market-ready’.

History of NZ Job Search

It all started in 2011, when three immigrants from South Africa got together in Auckland, New Zealand to compare their immigration experiences; the highs and lows of the move, the challenges and how they were able to overcome these challenges. What came out of those conversations were clear similarities. One had immigrated in 2001, another immigrated in 2006, and the other had immigrated in late 2008. The number one challenge that they all had was finding a job in a new country where they had no contacts and no work history.

So, after a great many conversations between each other, as well as with many other migrants in New Zealand, the three founders created a methodology for finding and securing jobs in New Zealand, which was the foundations of a training program that was dubbed “Jobzdojo”. The popularity of the Jobzdojo program grew exponentially year on year, as more and more migrants started following the program to success by either attending live workshops, or by enrolling in the premium online job search course.

The name “Jobzdojo” was changed to “NZ Job Search” at the start of 2018 although, much of the training and course content still refers to “Jobzdojo”. This will probably not change in the near future, as it’s nice to know the “Jobzdojo” legacy still remains part of the story.

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