A ‘Moving to NZ’ Road-Map

10 Steps to Move to New Zealand Road-Map:

There’s so much information out there, and so many people to talk with that it’s a common occurrence for us to come across job seekers who’ve started their NZ journey and have wandered off the path along the way. We put together a very simple road-map to help you stay on track with your NZ journey.

Step 1: Check whether you’re eligible to live and work in New Zealand

Step 2: Check whether your skills are in demand

Step 3: Research the country, living costs, your earning capacity and way of life to see if it suits your family. Find out what your ultimate value is in the NZ job market and how you can add value to the country by living there.

Step 4: Prepare yourself emotionally for the journey and let your close family and friends know what you’re planning so they can start digesting it from their side. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds as this type of news can be emotional. Ask friends and family whether they are happy to assist with testimonials or character references etc, contacts in NZ which may help you on your journey.

Step 5: Start collecting all the immigration paperwork you’ll require to make the move as this may take a couple of months. Attend a Jobzdojo workshop or enroll in their premium job search course.

Step 6: Plan your Look, See and Decide (LSD) trip to NZ: sort out your budget for the trip, and for the move when you’ve got yourself a job; flights; accommodation; transport to get to meetings; wardrobe etc. Do a S•W•O•T analysis and prepare your contingency plans.

Step 7: Plan your job search strategy in five parts:

  • Part 1: Research the NZ job market, uncover job search myths, find out where other people have gone wrong so you can avoid making the same mistakes that can cost you time, money and emotion; and understand the NZ hiring cycle and how things work in New Zealand. Get in touch with professionals who focus on candidates rather than clients, like Jobzdojo, who can teach you best (job search) practices and can give you a proven job search strategy to follow.
  • Part 2: Prepare your job search tools (CV templates; LinkedIn profile; Cover Letter templates; personal brand; social profiles; interviewing checklist; how you’re going to keep track of your documents and email etc.) according to the NZ market.
  • Part 3: Start networking online to build a contact base in NZ within your industry, and start leveraging off the local Jobzdojo network in NZ. Make a list of companies, Hiring Managers and peers to target and start applying to companies online and speaking with the people on your list.
  • Part 3: Organise meetings for your NZ trip and do online interviews. In some cases, people are able to secure themselves jobs at this stage and can start the visa application process. Others are more likely to secure themselves jobs while in NZ.
  • Part 4: When you land in NZ, start networking effectively immediately: Have a coffee with Jobzdojo, attend another workshop if you require a refresher and don’t miss out on networking events. Make contact with your network and start attending your two meetings every day to find hidden opportunities in the market. Get in front of the right people at the right time and use your job search tools effectively to give you an advantage. Attend and follow up after interviews.
  • Part 5: Secure the job offer, educate yourself about the NZ labour policies and get the relevant paperwork from the company so you can submit your work visa.

Step 8: Before you leave your country for your LSD, get your job search tools and strategy worked out. Then, work on the possibility that you may get a job while you’re there and may not be able to return home to pack your life up: Get your house, car, financials, taxes, schools, work, clubs, family and friends farewells etc. ready so that you can either return and tie up the last few things or not return at all depending on your visa status and whether you have to stay.

Step 9: Go on your LSD and continue your job search according to ‘Part 4’ and ‘Part 5’ of step 7. Treat every day you are looking for employment as though it’s a full-time job.

Step 10: Once you have your job offer, submit your visa application to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and either return to your country to tie up loose ends before flying back to NZ to live and work, or remain in NZ to start working (if you are permitted to do so).

It’s true that this is a lot of work, and there are a huge amount of smaller steps which you’ll need to complete along the way. If you think we’ve forgotten any of the bigger, more fundamental steps in the process please give us a shout so we can update this list for others who are looking to move to New Zealand.

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